Art Lessons for Children

Art Lessons

Ages 7+

Every Wednesday  Nights at  6pm

One Hour Sessions- 8 week Session 

Starting Aug 28th -October 16th

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Art Lessons

Objective: To enrich young minds with the knowledge of several medias of art starting with the basics.

Class 1: Terminology- students will learn basic terms that they may hear throughout the session.

(Opaque, translucent, glaze, tint, tone, and shade) 

Class 2: Types of Brushes and Their Parts- student will learn the 4 basic parts of a brush. They qill be introduced to many different types of brushes and their uses.

Class 3: Cast shadow - students will learn about the core of the shadow, halftone, highlight, reflected light and the cast shadow itself and how the angle light affects it. 

Class 4: Value- students will learn the difference between achromatic and chromatic along with the values of each. 

Class 5: Color Harmonies- students will be introduced to the color wheel and the color schemes that can be created. (Complimentary, split complimentary, analogous, Triassic, and terdradic colors) 

Class 6: Pen and Ink- students will learn the techniques to create penwork. (Contour lines, crosshatching, parallel lines, crippling, scribble, wavy lines, and criss cross lines)

Class 7: Abstract- students will learn the definition of abstract art and will create their own piece by listening to instructions.

Class 8: Postive vs Negative Space- students will learn the difference of the two and learn about their function in art.

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